About Us


The Company Overview

  • Transforming today's business into tomorrow's wealth through smart and efficient engineering solutions
  • Creating excellent Engineering Designs that are built to last
  • Implementing solutions, building relationships

In the business of delivering flawless engineering designs since 2012

Our end-to-end, cost-effective and reliable services minimize risks and improve the quality and valuation of the project.

We deploy modern techniques to its full potential to make an impact on the workflow. We work in close collaboration with our clients and believe in forging a long-term relationships with them.

We primarily work on Steel Detailing and Connection Design for Structural, Miscellaneous, Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, Derrick and Transmission Towers. We not only focus on modeling quality engineering designs, but are also concerned about compliance and hence follow OSHA regulations as part of our practices.

Our proposition amalgamates the quality and reliability of our engineering solutions with ethical business practices. We believe that great business culture lays the foundation of quality and focused delivery. Hence, we motivate our teams to be passionate about our commitment to deliver value every time. We adhere to strict quality control measures in every process module and successfully deliver our undertakings. Employing state-of-the-art software tools, project management techniques and IP protection policies, we are adept at leveraging our expertise to meet international codes and standards in various industries.


The Philosophy

Our Mission

To offer multi-disciplinary Engineering Solutions to clients all over the world that are agile to the ever growing need for a reliable engineering development and build long lasting relationships.

Our Vision

To be a leading engineering solutions company that nurtures growth for our clients and employees by creating an ecosystem that triggers continuous improvement, integrity, reliability, social responsibility and passion towards everything we offer.

CADeploy foundation is based on three core values

Customer Focus

We strive to release solutions on time, a passion for creativity and quality, make way for the products that are genuine, and always deploy solutions that are best for our customers.



Integrity is our core value, thus, our teamwork, commitment and open mindedness allows us to maintain a long lasting relationship with our employees and customers breeding a high-trust environment.


Delivering to our customers means understanding the minute details are just as important as the bigger picture. We understand that the best way to be unique is to continuously evaluate results to achieve goals.


The Torch Bearer

About CADeploy

Amit Halder

CEO & Founder

"When relationships are valued, extreme value is derived!"

Amit brings with himself a vast knowledge covering 20 – years of versatile and varied work and life experience. His in-depth involvement in Telecom and Information Technology space has made him the knowledge bank of this domain. Prior to forming CADeploy, he spent substantial amount of time spearheading organizations like Sprint Global One and WorldCom.

A visionary and creator by nature, Amit has developed keen insights in technology & engineering space and is widely networked across Asia and USA. He continues to be associated with many Fortune 500 companies that are seeking to establish their footprints in the Asian sub –continent. He is also the founder and CEO of Intelikore Corporation, a mid-sized california based corporation offering professional services and high-end technology consulting to many clients in the United States of America.