Building Information Modeling
Building Information Modeling
Building Information Modeling

The designing, construction and maintenance of large-scaleprojects has seen a transformative enhancements in the form of Building Information Model. Every minute physical and functional attributes can be virtually seen in 3D, 4D and 5D using BIM services. It also helps in decision making, time saving, cost saving, error avoidance and lot more.

We at CADeploy understand what our clients want and deliver the desired output within budget and on time using modern technology and best practices. Our BIM and CAD specialists work with leading architects and engineers for design enhancement and with facility managers for best operational efficiencies and service quality.

Our BIM Services Include
  • Commercial Building
  • Infrastructure
  • Hydro-Energy
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Heavy Construction
We indulge in every phase of a project lifecycle, such as:
  • Project Conception
    Project Conception
  • Project Initiation
    Project Initiation
  • Project Engineering
    Project Engineering
  • Project Construction
    Project Construction
  • Project Operation
    Project Operation
  • Project Maintenance
    Project Maintenance
BIM Advantage
  • Reduces time to generate estimates
  • Provides Co-ordination between disciplines (e.g. Piping, Electrical, Mechanical & Structural)
  • Error avoidance at design stage
  • Can save on construction cost using Clash Detection
  • Precise scheduling leading to saving time
  • Clash Detection between disciplines (e.g. Piping, Electrical, Mechanical & Structural)
  • Construction process simulation also helps in saving
  • Reduced conflicts and changes during construction
  • Maximum reduction in Request for Information
  • Accurate representation/visualization of an existing environment/objects/facilities
  • Reduction in alterations and rework
Software We Use
  • autodesk-revit
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We are accessible 24/7 and are happy to answer your queries and dispel any doubts that you may have. We want you to understand our unique approach well before we collaborate. Talk to our BIM Professionals today. You can reach us at 855-444-9497
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