Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Design and Detailing Services
Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Design and Detailing Services
Metal Buildings Design

Talk of Pre-engineered metal building design and detailing services, and you immediately think of CADeploy. That's our reputation. We have progressed by leaps and bounds over the years buoyed by our stellar work. Today, we are considered a world leader, thanks to our strong foothold in the international market. Our customer-first approach has won us many clients. When it comes to designing and detailing Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings and Hybrid Structures, we work on projects that include both simple and highly complex ones. Our structural and PEMB/PEB design teams make for a winning combination. We also specialize on all sorts of hybrid structures including using TEKLA. Their execution is par excellence. The cherry on the top is that our 800+ resources are well-versed in AISC, BS, MBMA, ASD, AISI, AWS, MBCI and LRFD standards and practices. To sum it up, we can design, detail, certify, stamp or seal drawings for PEMB/PEB or any other combination of services and are immensely proud of our versatility.

Our Expertise
  • Aircraft Hangars
    Aircraft Hangars
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing Facilities
    Manufacturing Facilities
  • Commercial and Retail Centres
    Commercial and Retail Centres
  • Gas stations
    Gas stations
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Agriculture Building
    Agriculture Building
  • Railway Platform Shelters
    Railway Platform Shelters
  • Cold Form Structures
    Cold Form Structures
Our Team
Our Team
  • Our team consists of experienced Detailers, Modellers, Checkers & Project Managers.
  • The team has great knowledge of the global norms and is trained on international standards like - AISC, BS, MBMA, ASD and LRFD.
  • We assign Exclusive Account Manager for every customer
  • Our success rate is very high because all projects are centrally managed, planned and controlled
  • The project managers regularly visit the client sites to ensure quality is maintained. All complex tasks are resolved under their watchful guidance
  • Our transparent functioning is well-known, and we ensure that the projects take shape according to client’s brief and satisfaction
  • The clients are regularly given the progress report via conference calls and emails
Standards : MBMA, AISC, AISI, AWS
Software We Use
  • RebarCAD
  • AutoDesk Advance Steel
  • Our ISO process driven approach to detail jobs help us in finishing our projects before deadline and with utmost quality standard
  • Our RFI tracking tools support us in avoiding any delays
  • Courtesy, weekly project progress reports, we identify and mitigate any possible risks that may trigger delays

We assign client specific project managers as single point of contact. These thorough professionals oversee all aspects of the job ensuring that the project job is completed before deadline and as per client’s satisfaction, every single time.

We are like your 4 am friends and you can approach our team at any point of the day.

We are accessible 24/7 and are happy to answer your queries and dispel any doubts that you may have. We want you to understand our unique approach well before we collaborate. Talk to our Design and Detailing experts today. You can reach us at 855-444-9497
(Toll Free)/4083759200 or email us at We will definitely respond within 24 hours.

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